Imagine you’re 16 and starting your sophomore year of high school. You have no home. You find refuge on a couch in a friend’s living room but it’s crowded and noisy so it’s hard for you to study and focus on schoolwork. You can’t get a good night sleep because you fear having to go back to living on the street, so you arrive at school each day exhausted and unable to focus.

 This scenario is far too familiar for Cocoon House teens and was a reality for Amber before she came to live at Cocoon House. Amber recalled having her classmates ask why her clothes didn’t fit right and when the last time she showered was? Not wanting to be ridiculed at school, she would skip class as an attempt to mask her reality.

 With Cocoon House to call home, Amber began working with our Education Coordinator. In the beginning she was overwhelmed with the thought of having to go back to school but slowly they began to address some of these fears. Amber got new clothes that fit, a new backpack filled with supplies and slowly began to gain back her confidence.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, Amber was able to maintain regular attendance and get her grades up. This summer she was able to relax like a normal teen and is excited to start her senior year of high school. 

With your support, Amber was able to break down the barriers she faced and is on track for success. We need your help to make sure all of our teens have the same chance at success in school regardless of their living situation. Your support will help to build the foundation our kids need for a lifetime of success.