Gang life quickly sent him spiraling out of control, but working with Cocoon House got him back on track.

11/29/2012 12:00:00 AM


Cocoon House first came into contact with Jose and his family in the spring of 2010.  Jose was the middle child of five children; his father was raising the family alone with very limited resources.  Jose was attending high school but quickly fell to the gang lifestyle and got expelled from school.  Gang life now replaced his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and getting a diploma.  Quickly spiraling out of control, Jose was on the fast track to becoming yet another statistic.

            The school called Cocoon House and Jose was quickly linked to an advocate. The advocate started working with him right away and the changes were astounding.  The advocate got him into a soccer league so that he may fulfill his dreams of being a professional soccer player.  The advocate also brought Jose to volunteer at many Cocoon House events, which gave him a sense of self-confidence; he was now giving back to his community not taking away from it.  The advocate worked with other agencies and got Jose back into the school he was expelled from.  The advocate also developed a very strong bond with Jose’s family and even got one of Jose’s brothers into Job Corps.  The father of the boys called Cocoon House and expressed his gratitude for all the help his boys have received; he cannot thank Cocoon House enough for making such a difference in his family. The father was almost moved to tears when thanking the organization.

Now, Jose is a well-dressed, confident young man that plays soccer, goes to school, and has nothing to do with the gang culture or lifestyle.  He dreams big because Cocoon House believed in him.


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