Homeless Street Dependent Youth Finds Hope Through U-Turn

6/24/2011 12:00:00 AM

In the beginning Mark would come to the center just to eat and rarely interacted with other youth or staff, he was very withdrawn and would decline offers of assistance. However as the months passed Mark began to socialize with staff and play board games, he started to become open to suggestions of resources and specifically the idea of attending Job Corps. Mark also began to talk about his life in poverty, violence and addiction, he became noticeably more and more comfortable with U-Turn. Soon Mark told staff that he had attended a Job Corps orientation, and that he was applying to attend. Within a couple of months Mark was given a placement at Wolf Creek in Glide, Oregon for Cement Masonry program. Over the following year U-Turn stayed in contact with Mark while he was attending Job Corps, phone calls, writing letters, e-mails, and sending care packages. Mark would report his positive social activities, he had joined a basketball team, he was attending AA meetings, and was making friends.  In March 2011, Mark graduated with a GED and a certificate in Cement Masonry from Job Corps. Since graduating Mark has moved back to the Everett area and recently reconnected with U-Turn, he expressed that he wanted to volunteer at the center in hopes of promoting resources and encouraging street youth the way he had received  support and encouragement years ago. Mark is now 22 years old, volunteering one day a week.

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