Cocoon House Advocate Program Saves Lives

8/8/2011 12:00:00 AM

Erica was suffering from mental health issues and using drugs because her insurance had expired and couldn't get the medication she needed.   She was relying on gangs for family support.  How many of us would stick it out and still continue to dream and believe that there must be a better life? Fast forward 8 months.  Cocoon House Advocates closely worked out an individualized support plan for this youth. 

"She is amazing in every way and deserves every success that she has achieved and will," Cocoon House Advocate said.  This youth is managing her mental health with medication and counseling, living in a long term transitional housing, chosen to remove herself from the gang lifestyle, has earned a scholarship to further her education, and working on enrolling in at the Everett Community College in the fall.  Amazing!

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