A Positive Role Model Can Make A World Of Difference

1/17/2013 12:00:00 AM

Melanie’s life did not begin like one would expect, she was brought into this world by two drug addicted parents and was bounced around from drug house to drug house until Child Protective Services finally placed her with her Grandmother.  Melanie continued to face many obstacles during her teen years with family members in and out of jail and then sadly falling into an abusive relationship. 


However, Melanie remained strong and bright throughout this difficult time in her life, she maintained good grades in school and was actually the first one in her family to graduate high school.  But the fact remained; she still had no positive adult role model in her life.  This all changed when she reached out to a Cocoon Advocate. 


 Cocoon’s advocate worked with Melanie to develop her life skills and was a listening ear and helping hand whenever Melanie had questions or problems.   Melanie even started to volunteer with us to help other teens who may be dealing with difficulties similar to hers.  With the help of Cocoon’s Advocate, Melanie is now attending Western Oregon University and moving towards her goals!

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