The truth is everyone needs love in their life. The reality is there are many homeless and at-risk youth in our community that don't know what that feels like.

Through our street outreach services, our drop-in day center, and our housing programs, young people all over Snohomish County have found safety, stability and an opportunity to reach their goals. They've found a place full of love.

We need your support in order to continue providing these critical services.  In addition to the life-saving resources offered, we want to make sure teens in our community know how much we love and care for them. We need your help.

Today you have a chance to #give4love!

In honor of Cocoon House's 25th anniversary, we are asking 250 people to make a gift of $250 to benefit the teens in Snohomish County. Your gift ensures young people have access to all of our services throughout the year. 

#GIVE4LOVE today and surround our young people with your care and support. Can't give $250? A donation of any size will send a message to our youth that they are loved. 

Help us reach our goal by sharing with family, friends and co-workers to maximize your impact! 

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