Cocoon House Advocacy Team (C.H.A.T.)
& The Monarch Society

C.H.A.T. - If you are a young professional (21+) that enjoys networking and wants to get connected to a worthy cause, C.H.A.T. may be for you! By becoming a C.H.A.T. member, you will be joining other young professionals in the area for fun networking events, you will be getting updates on Cocoon House programs, unique volunteer openings, and opportunities to advocate and support Cocoon House youth!

The Monarch Society - if you are looking for a group of game-changing individuals aligned with Cocoon House to support and contribute to breaking the cycle of homelessness in the Snohomish County area, look no further than The Monarch Society.  This newly formed group's mission is to lead, inspire and empower individuals to embrace their purpose and talents by igniting their passion to make a positive contribution - supporting Cocoon House and the work being done to Break the Cycle of Homelessness in Snohomish County.