Long-Term Living Program

Cocoon House provides long-term housing at Cocoon Complex in Everett and Cocoon House North in Arlington. These facilities serve youth ages 12-18 years old who have no other safe place to call home. Teens can live at Cocoon House for up to 21 months or until their 18th birthday. While living here, teens receive:

  • Case management services to help set goals for their future and to plan for when they move out.
  • Mental health, and drug and alcohol counseling to cope with both family and individual histories.
  • Assistance getting back into school or enrolling in a GED program.
  • Employment assistance and resume building.
  • Life skills, including healthy lifestyle habits, balancing a checkbook, managing a budget, etc.

Cocoon House Complex

Cocoon Complex is located in Everett and can provide a dorm-like home to 20 teens. Teens receive all the support mentioned earlier. They are also required to pay rent while living at the Complex, by depositing income into a savings account or by performing community service hours each week. While living here, teens earn additional privileges - including later curfew - for following the rules and participating in the program.

Cocoon House North

Cocoon House North is located in Arlington. It is our newest program, providing long-term housing to 5 homeless teen mothers and their children. As one of only two licensed programs in the state for homeless teen moms and their children, Cocoon House staff help to provide life skills classes that include positive parenting, nutrition, self-care, and family management skills.