Each year in Snohomish County, over 400 teens will have a child of their own

Most of these teens will need services

Cocoon House can help!


Teen Parent Advocate (TPA) Services

Cocoon House’s Teen Parent Advocate services provide prevention and outreach activities throughout Snohomish County targeting pregnant and parenting teens ages 13-20 and their children from birth to age 5. Through on-going individual and group support, TPA helps teen parents build on their strengths, grow strong and healthy relationships with their children, and access the support they need to make informed choices to build a better future.

Our Goals:

TPA supports teen moms and dads in achieving:

• Positive parenting, family management, and other life skills
• Knowledge of child development and safety
• A safe and stable living environment
• Educational and professional goals
• Active participation in family planning decisions
• Ability to make healthy choices, take responsibility for their family, and have a positive self-image
• Healthy relationships and a supportive network of friends, family and community

Our Services Include:
• Case management
• Home visits
• School support groups
• Parenting and life skills education
• Recreational activities
• Community referrals
• Outreach

Contact Information      

Cocoon House
2929 Pine Street, Everett, WA 98201 

Teen Parent Liason: Susan Hubert

Teens interested in services should fill out a referral form or

have a referral form filled out on their behalf: TPA Referral Form


Referral forms can be sent to Susan Hubert or faxed to (425) 317-9632